The competition is open for both 1st year and/or 2nd year full-time MBA students across select B-Schools . Teams of maximum 2 members can register for this event. Considering the overwhelming number of requests to expand the scope of the event, we will continue with our Wild Card Round format this year as well. This is open to all full-time MBA students from campuses not listed under Participant Colleges. The top 2 teams selected from the Wild Card Round will gain a direct entry to the National Round.
You may register independently or in a team of maximum 2 members from the same campus.
You can register for the competition on this website starting 8th August 2018. Click here to register.
There is no fee to participate. All expenses and arrangements for travel (for all participants) and accommodation (for outside Mumbai campuses only) for the finalist teams participating in the National Round will be taken care of by GEP.

Team Formation

Yes, both team members have to be from the same campus.
Yes, as long as both the team members are from the same campus.
Yes, you can participate as a single person. However, you CANNOT add on another member as the competition progresses.
A team member CANNOT be substituted at any time after the registration. The left-out team member can choose to participate independently.


Participants will go through multiple rounds of evaluation – an Online Submission Round, a Campus Round and a National Round (at the GEP Mumbai office). The top 5 teams from every campus will face off against each other to make way for a Campus Winner, who would then be invited to present to an elite panel of consultants at the GEP Mumbai office. The Campus Winners would be joined by the top 2 Wild Card teams at the National Round. The top 3 winners of the National round will get an opportunity to present to GEP’s Global Leadership team – a never-before opportunity to articulate your solution to CXOs and VPs on problems that we work on for our clients. For further details, please refer to Competition Format .
Cash prizes of INR 2,00,000 for the winner, INR 50,000 for the runner up, vouchers for winners of AUCTION-ary and in-QUIZ-ition as well as lots of other goodies up for grabs!
All campus winners would also get PPIs and an opportunity to be a part of GEP.
Teams are required to prepare a PPT for the final solution. The PPT files along with other supporting documentation can be uploaded in the form of a .zip or .rar format file (maximum size of 15 MB) on the Case Study Challenge page .
Yes, please explicitly mention all the assumptions (if any) you make to solve the case. You can incorporate those as part of your submissions for each round.
A maximum of 5 teams per institute will clear the online submission round and compete amongst themselves during the campus round to emerge as the Campus Winner.
We encourage you to carry out secondary research while working on this case (just as a consultant would do). However, please ensure all your data points are obtained through authentic and reliable sources and should be mentioned in your submission.
Each submission will be reviewed and scored by a panel of unbiased industry experts who have sound knowledge on the subject. The presentations will be scored based on your understanding of the problem, industry knowledge, problem-solving and strategy-development skills, analytical capabilities and feasibility of proposed solutions.
No, the same case and solution will be evaluated in multiple rounds. You are encouraged to incorporate the feedback provided to you during different rounds while submitting your revised solution.
Please refer to the Schedule page  for further details
Please send us your queries at gameplan@gep.com and we'll respond as soon as we can. We would encourage you to follow the latest updates on our Facebook group as well at https://www.facebook.com/groups/gep.gameplan. We will also conduct a Facebook Live event, where we will answer your questions; stay tuned to our Facebook group for details on this event. In addition every finalist would be assigned a mentor from GEP who will help them fine-tune their submission for the National round.